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Wireless Management Card for Power Equipment

WING (Wireless New Generation) is a wireless communication card that enables you to manage and control your UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply - and power systems from a remote location through cellular technology (GSM - SMS).

The solution consists of a WING card, a SIM card, and a SIM application (management software dedicated to wireless communication).

The WING card contains an internal GSM modem and antenna and a microprocessor that enables it to manage the power systems, monitor and control their values and status, and obtain real-time alarms notifications. In case of fault in the UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply - or power system, a real-time alarm message is sent by SMS to several selectable predefined recipients and to a control or service center.

The message includes the system name and ID number and a description of its most critical fault.

The WING card has its own phone number to allow messages to be sent and received by mobile phones.

The mobile phone can be used to remotely execute a command, such as a battery test, a rectifier on/off command, etc. The system replies indicating whether or not the command has been executed.


  • Compatibility with almost all Gamatronics UPS and Power sistemos
  • Ability to send sms notifications to 10 destinations
  • Two levels of security (password protected)
  • Communication through GSM Networks (Quad Band)
  • Environment temperature monitoring and input dry contacts detection (optional)