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UPS System For Military Naval Applications 20kVA

This military UPS is a redundant 20kVA UPS system.The system is designed for military and naval applications, therefore complies with strict standards and has a special strengthened 19" enclosure. The UPS modules are designed for hot swapping.

The MBT UPS system is comprised of:

  • System Controller
  • 1 to 3 UPS modules of 10kVA each
  • Static Switch Module


  • Reliability, thanks to its N+ 1 redundancy
  • True on-line battery design according to IEC62040-3
  • A "green" power solution thanks to THD of 5 % at the input, providing "clean" power to loads
  • Employs active current sharing at the input / output
  • Has an overall efficiency of up to 96 % and backup efficiency of 98%
  • Light and small, a 10 kVA module weighs only 9 Kg


  • The UPS system enclosure includes several anchoring hooks to ensure its stability
  • For easy access to the system’s rear cabling, the UPS module and the battery packs are each housed in their own inner box, enabling their removal as a unit.
  • The enclosure door has a built-in doorstop to prevent swinging
  • The enclosure door includes two aluminum mesh air filters

Control & Monitoring:

  • The "built-in Web interface" enables advanced control and monitoring of the UPS from a distance, over an Ethernet network.