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Power+ SA 20-40 kVA

The POWER+ SA 20/30/40KVA is one of the most sophisticated Stand-alone ON-LINE double-conversion UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply - available in marketplace today.

Stand-alone ON-LINE double-conversion UPS


  • Unique & compact design, weighing only 68 Kg.
  • Flexible use - available in 3/3

Great performance:

  • High efficiency AC/AC: 96%
  • Low input THDi: 5%
  • Input PF 1
  • Back light LCD
  • 10 Kva redundant inverters & rectifiers

In general, an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply) provides backup power for use when the utility AC electric power mains fail or drop to an unacceptable voltage level. POWER+ SA 20/30/40KVA is a whole lot more. POWER+ SA 20/30/40KVA is designed to protect your data and equipment and minimize downtime and other adverse effects normally incurred by power irregularities and failures.POWER+ SA 20/30/40KVA continually eliminates surges, spikes and sags that are inherent in commercial utility power. Over time, these irregularities shorten the life of equipment and components. The efficiency of POWER+ SA 20/30/40KVA thus helps to extend the life of your equipment, even through normal use when the input power system is constant and continuous.

POWER+ SA 20/30/40KVA requires very little attention or intervention during normal operation; however, you should read and understand the procedures described in this manual to ensure trouble-free operation. POWER+ SA 20/30/40KVA is a parallel redundant UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply - in the event of a failure of one power board, the UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply - continues to operate and the remaining power boards compensate for the missing board (within limits).

The POWER+ SA 20/30/40KVA is available in three versions: a 20KVA model 30KVA model and a 40KVA model.

POWER+ SA 20/30/40KVA unique features:

  • POWER+ SA has an overall efficiency of up to 96% and backup efficiency of 98%.
  • POWER+ SA is light and small, weighing 68 kg (approximately) and with a footprint of less than .28 m2.
  • POWER+ SA is reliable thanks to its parallel redundant topology.
  • POWER+ SA is a "green" power solution thanks to THD of 5% at the input, and provides "clean" power to your loads.
  • POWER+ SA is a true on-line battery design according to IEC62040-3.
  • POWER+ SA employs active current sharing at the input / output.
  • Not available in Parallel systems