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Power+ Classic 10-100 kVA

Power+ Classic is an electrically and mechanically modular 10-100KVA UPS system, uniquely designed to grow flexibly as power requirements grow. Easily upgradable on-site through addition of plug-and-play 10KVA modules.

Power+ offers the optimal combination of efficiency, economy, and usability – and boasts the industry lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and fastest ROI (Return on Investment).

Power+ is a parallel redundant UPS. The system comprises 1 to 10 UPS (or 1-5) - modules of 10kVA each, a system controller, static switch module, and distribution block.

  • The flexible system is user upgradable from 10kVA to 100kVA (or 50Kva).
  • Modules are designed for hot insertion, hot swappable.
  • The battery bank is common to all the modules and can be built as one or more branches, for battery redundancy.
  • The Power+ controller has an internal communication card, which in conjunction with GamatronicPSM software enables remote management of the unit, including real-time monitoring and operational control.
  • Parallel option only available for 60Kva & higher (on 100Kva model)