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Power+ Rack Mount 10-100 kVA

Power+ RM is a complete, end to end 19" 10-100KVA or 10-50kva rack mount solution, ideal for datacenters, which includes UPS, MMBS (maintenance bypass), breakers, fuses, and internal or external matching battery cabinet.

This is a 19" variant of the Power+ UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply - , which can be inserted in any standard 19" rack, available in two configurations: 50kVA (5 Power+ modules), with a height of 22U and 100kVA (10 Power+ modules), with a height of 32U.

Built for high-density aesthetics as well as usability, Power+ RM is available in uniform and modern cabinets that integrate.

Perfectly with existing data center design. Alternately, Power+ RM components may be easily housed in existing racks.

Power+ Classic is available in a 50Kva Static Switch, 100 Kva Static Switch, or 100Kva Static Switch Parallel version (over 60kva system).